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Adoption Application

Cat of Interest:

Applicant Information

First  M.I.  Last

Home Address:  Apt. #:

City:  State:  Zip:

Home Phone:  Cell Phone:




Work Phone:

Work Email:

Residence Information

Type of Residence:  House      Apartment/Condo     Townhouse      Mobile Home 

Do you rent or own?       How long at current address? 

Do you plan to move within the next 12 months? Yes/ No?

Do you have an indoor-outdoor pet? (allowed to go in and out)  Yes/No?

Do you have a pet door that leads outdoors?  Yes/No?

Have you paid a pet deposit for this pet? Yes /No?

 If No, Why?

Landlord Name & Phone #:


Number of adults:      

Number of children:   Ages of children:     
Do all the adults in your household consent to the adoption of this pet?   Yes/No?

Does anyone in your household have allergies to:
Cats?  Yes/No?  Dogs?  Yes/No?

Do you have other animals? Yes/No?

List all pets you currently own:
Cat/Dog? Breed? Cur. Age? How long owned? Sex? Altered Y/N? Date/Place diseases (i.e. F.I.V.)

Have you owned any animals in the past five (5) years you no longer own? Yes/No?

List all pets you have owned in the past five (5) years but no longer own:
Cat/Dog? Breed? Sex? How long owned? Percent of time spent indoors? Altered Y/N? What happened to pet?


What percent of time will your new pet spend indoors? 100% 90% 75%, etc.

The pet I am adopting will be:

Do you plan to de-claw? Yes/No/Unsure?
If so: front paws, all four paws?

Have you ever surrendered a pet to an animal shelter? Yes/No?

 If yes, explain circumstances:

Name and phone # of your veterinarian:

Have you ever adopted a pet before? Yes/No?
If Yes, when and where?

Do you realize that having a pet can be a long-term commitment; as some cats and dogs can live 20 years or more? Yes/No?

Do you agree to return this pet to Classy Cats if you are unable to keep it for any reason? Yes/No?

Do you give permission for follow up phone calls and visits by a Classy Cats volunteer?  Yes/No?

Do you verify that you are at least 21 years of age and able to enter into an adoption contract? 

Do you understand that all of the following:

  • All of the animals offered by Classy Cats have been rescued from life-threatening circumstances.
  • They live in the homes of our volunteers until they are adopted.
  • Our application, interview and verification process is intended to match potential adopters with a suitable pet.
  • We want the best possible home for the pet and the best possible pet for the adopter.
  • Classy Cats has the right to deny this application for any reason.

  • Yes/No?

By submitting this form I confirm that all information in this application is correct and complete: